Krugman on “This Week” commenting on the Senate

Has to be frustrating sitting next to that pompous blowhard of Fox News, Roger Ailes. But Paul does get in some good points.  Paul Krugman is a progressive but is not afraid to point out the failings of his own side.

Here he is commenting on George Will’s argument that Brown is just one Senator and is not really that big of a deal.

WALTERS: So why the fuss, Paul?

KRUGMAN: Well because we have a super majority system. Because we have a system in which you cannot at this point get anything done without 60 points in the Senate. I mean, what I’ve been thinking about right now is at this point, the House of Representatives has passed a health care bill and has passed a strong financial reform bill. It has passed a strong climate change bill. In any other advanced democracy, that would mean that all of these things would have happened. But in the U.S. system, it takes 60 votes in the Senate to accomplish anything and because the Democrats nominated somebody in Massachusetts who didn’t know her Red Sox, that entire agenda has run aground — incredible. WALTERS: That was his opponent.

KRUGMAN: And it’s important. Let me just say on health care, that was the most evasive answer. If you think this is a straightforward guy, that was an incredibly evasive answer on health care because the Senate bill, which has now stalled, is identical to the Massachusetts health care plan, the same thing. Only in the finest of fine print is there any difference. He voted for the Massachusetts plan. A majority of voters in Massachusetts who voted for him approve of the Massachusetts health care plan. Nonetheless, their plan is dead.

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Bristol Palin says “abstinence only” and this time she really means it

We hear from Reuters that teen pregnancy rates have increased for the first time in a decade,caused in part by our increasing reliance  on “abstinence only” programs and our prudishness towards talking about safe sex. Meanwhile, Bristol is now a spokeswomen for Candie clothing line which makes faux stripper wear for young teen and pre-teen girls. Candie’s corporate message is abstinence only–no condoms mentioned in their ads or public relations messages. Palin is a perfect spokeswomen for Candy. I am not sure either believe what they are saying.

Andrew Sullivan is wrong

Andrew Sullivan says:

Or rather, surely, the indifference to politics that true faith evokes [in response to an article at the Atlantic about the docility of Mullahs in Iran]. There is such a faith in Islam, and it is obviously as different from Islamism as true Christianity is from Christianism. Because it is based on a transcendent experience of God that makes the desire to control others, rather than to love them, seem absurd.

What Andrew says is absurd. Politics is simply the set of social constructions we have developed, both peaceful and violent,  to deal with our irreconcilable differences. Certainly, this works out peacefully and sometimes not. But considering the number of irreconcilable differences we have in religion, it is not surprising we often resort to violence. History has not shown in general that more religion brings about more peace and love. It does for some but not for others. But any particular example of where religious people seem at peace is not good evidence. The worst racist religious crack-pot and the most dedicated terrorist, both, will have moments when they feel they are communing with God, and if we were to observe them in this moment of blis, we might think that they too were filled with love and compassion. We would be wrong.

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