It is OK to be ignorant as long as it is based on religion.

Sorry, I know this is not true of all religious people, but this article is truly sad.

In an unusual last-minute edit that has drawn flak from the White House and science educators, a federal advisory committee omitted data on Americans’ knowledge of evolution and the big bang from a key report. The data shows that Americans are far less likely than the rest of the world to accept that humans evolved from earlier species and that the universe began with a big bang.

They’re not surprising findings, but the National Science Board, which oversees the National Science Foundation (NSF), says it chose to leave the section out of the 2010 edition of the biennial Science and Engineering Indicators because the survey questions used to measure knowledge of the two topics force respondents to choose between factual knowledge and religious beliefs.

[emphasis mine]

Evolution is a fact. It is a fact that the universe started more than 12 billion years ago in what we call the big bang. Our scientific knowledge, including our technology and medicine, are tied to how well our citizens are educated in science. The same exact scientific method that leads to advances in technology and medicine lead us to our knowledge of our evolutionary past. Why are so many still stuck trying to reconcile some creation myths written three to four thousand years ago?


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